An important aspect of Long Island Music Festivals is our philosophy about what the adjudication component should provide for music students. In both the judge’s comments and in their clinic sessions, their feedback is geared to provide a positive educational experience with constructive criticism presented in a positive, encouraging way.

The Long Island Music Festival is similar to NYSSMA in that there is an adjudication component, with two musical selections performed before judges who provide written and oral comments about the performance, along with a final ensemble rating. It differs from NYSSMA in the several ways: a clinic session follows each performance, with one of the judges working with a group to focus and expand on a particular aspect of the ensemble’s presentation; festival trophies and rating ribbons are awarded; and finally a recreational activity follows the adjudication component. Of course, the adjudication and clinic always adhere to our festival’s commitment to emphasize a positive educational experience for students.

The judges score each selection performed on the basis of several categories: technique, musicality, intonation and rhythm, and overall tone quality. The scores are combined to calculate a total score that corresponds to one of the final ratings: very good, excellent, or superior.

The director of Long Island Music Festival LLC is a Long Island middle and high school orchestra teacher, who has been active as an orchestra chair for the Suffolk County Music Educators Association (SCMEA) and vice-president of the Long Island String Festival Association (LISFA). In addition, he served for 13 years as general manager for Colden Center for the Performing Arts at Queens College, presenting and running a variety of student and professional musical and theatrical productions. Additional staff has six years of experience planning and running arts-in-education programs at the elementary level. Information about judges can be found on the Judges page of our website.

Please visit the website Judges page for more information about our festival judges.

Our festivals take place after the NYSSMA, NMEA, SCMEA, and LISFA festivals.

We do our best to keep testing in mind, but due to the increasing number of NY state assessments, it is not always possible to find dates without conflicts that will still work with performance venue schedules and recreational activities that take place outdoors.

We understand that there are sometimes schedule changes beyond your control. If this occurs, we will try to accommodate your group with another festival date.

We understand that circumstances may arise requiring withdrawal from a festival date you have registered for. If your ensemble withdraws at least 30 days before your festival date, you will receive a full refund of any fees paid. Any group that cancels less than 30 days before the event will forfeit all payments made.

For our Pennsylvania festival, park ticket totals cannot be adjusted down within 15 days of your event.

Elementary, middle school, and high school ensembles are all welcome.

The minimum number is 25.

Yes, as long as your performance schedule permits, and provided that doubling up of students doesn’t drop an ensemble’s numbers below our minimum of twenty five. Please let us know at registration time if your school is registering multiple ensembles and you anticipate this situation arising.

Two selections should be prepared for the festival  – pieces are the director’s choice and need not be listed in the NYSSMA manual.

Yes, those items will be provided at the performance venue.

Performance venues will be announced later in the year. They will be within reasonable driving distance of your recreational activity. Our venues are chosen to provide safe and attractive performance facilities that are conducive to musical presentations. As an example, our recent festivals were held in the Van Nostrand Theater on Suffolk Community College’s Grant campus.

Large percussion instruments like timpani, xylophone, concert bells and bass drum will be provided. Contact us if you have additional instruments that are required, as others may be available at your performance venue.

That is not necessary, but certainly will be welcome as the festival schedule permits! Planning and arrangements may be easier if multiple groups attend from your school.

Although some school districts are able to cover the costs of an ensemble’s attendance, in many districts the fees are paid directly by parents, or in combination with fund raising activities. Teachers should keep in mind transportation costs to the performance and recreational venues. A transportation alternative that some groups have utilized is to carpool with the help of parents, rather than booking school bus service, which can provide a reduction in costs. Many districts participate in BOCES arts in education funding, so you should check with your department administration to see if your festival trip could qualify.

25% of the total due for an ensemble should be paid 90 days before the festival date, based on the estimated number of students attending. Upon receipt of the 25% payment, your performance time will be scheduled. The remaining 75% is due 30 days before the festival date. Adjustments can be made any time up to the festival date when students are added. Refunds cannot be provided for individual students withdrawing two weeks or less before your festival date.

Performance times are scheduled when we get confirmation of your attendance, in the form of your festival payment deposit. Deposits are due 90 days before your festival date. Keep in mind that getting a deposit in earlier will increase your chances of securing a preferred performance time.

Payment may be in the form of a check or via PayPal. Please note that PayPal payments will require the addition of PayPal’s 3% processing fee.